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Feel free to friend me - I love getting new friends but random people who just show up with no explanation make me a little paranoid xD

Just don't friend me if:
1) We have nothing in common
2) You are NEVER going to comment
3) You are only friending me to make your friend list bigger

So if you want to friend me for something other than those three reasons I'll be happy to add you to my circle of love, dysfunction, and fangirling xD
Random - Jane

Take it from a Geek like Me

This is me trying to actually keep track of my 15000pages - feel free to recommend books here or drop me a comment about what you thought about one of the books I've already read - I always enjoy having people to talk with about them :D

Start Date: October 1, 2007 - End Date: October 1, 2008

Dry - Augusten Burroughs - 293
Magical Thinking - Augusten Burroughs - 267 - ♥
Sellevision - Augusten Burroughs - 229
Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey - Chuck Palahniuk - 336 - ♥
Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad - 72
Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk - 297
Hamlet - Shakespeare - 138
All Quiet on the Western Front - Erich Maria Remarque - 298
I Am Legend - Richard Matheson - 160
The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde - 90
Possible Side Effects - Augusten Burroughs - 291
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky - 213
Brave Story - Miyuki Miyabe - 816 - ♥
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones - ♥
A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket - 1 - 13 - 162, 190, 214, 194, 221, 259, 256, 286, 337, 323, 352, 353, 337 - ♥
grl2grl: Short Fictions - Julie Anne Peters - 151 - ♥
Freak Show - James St. James - 298 - ♥
Survivor - Chuck Palahniuk - 289 - ♥
The Dark Disciple Series - Margaret Weis - 1-3 - 336, 347, 325
Snuff - Chuck Palahniuk - 197
Watch Your Mouth - Daniel Handler - 232
Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk - 411
Sounds of the River - Da Chen - 307

Current: I Know This Much Is True - Wally Lamb


9768 / 15000 words. 65% done!

Progress with Manga:
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 15-16 - 174, 184
The Wallflower Vols. 14-16 - 168, 163, 166
Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 10 - 194
Eureka 7 Vols. 2-6 - 184, 186, 186, 186, 188
Othello Vols. 1-7 - 179, 182, 174, 168, 168, 163, 168
Dogs: Original - 202
Shojo Beat Magazine June 2005-May 2008 - 8,993
Nana vols. 8-11 - 192, 275, 186, 239
Wild Ones vol. 1 - 190
I''s vols. 3-5 - 175, 191, 191
Tramps Like Us vol. 14 - 172
Hana-Kimi vols. 1-21 - 174, 197, 196, 140, 188, 192, 188, 186, 186, 190, 198, 184, 188, 194, 180, 176, 179, 194, 190, 198, 183
Fushigi Yūgi: The Mysterious Play vols. 1-18 - 197, 189, 193, 193, 193, 195, 195, 193, 187, 183, 189, 193, 193, 189, 191, 191, 193, 193

Total 21,556.

All together:

31324 / 35000 words. 89% done!
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The 10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On eBay

10. Item #191367029: The Internet

If people can sell plots of land on the moon, then why can't someone sell the Internet? Someone did just that, for the bargain asking price of $1 million. Of course, it was all just a gag and it's unlikely that this Pay Pal transaction ever went through. But still, it would have been the deal of the century-the buyer was even throwing in free Internet access.

9. Item #277481422: UFO Detector

A prototype manufactured by a Brazilian company, this modified magnetometer is supposed to pick up UFO activity and was proven to work when red and orange balls of light appeared in the skies over Sao Paulo. Unfortunately, it wasn't 100% guaranteed due to the fact that "the propulsion systems of UFOs are not the same." Why would the seller want to part with such a unique item? It's okay-he had two. Final sale price: $135.03.

8. Item #248619068: The Meaning of Life

Someone finally figured it out, and they put it up for sale on eBay. Even with eight bids this incredible find didn't fetch much, but it was probably the best $3.26 the winning bidder ever spent.

7. Item #1178647016: Russian Test Space Shuttle

This one-of-a-kind item was once offered by a Russian company for $2 million, but was posted on eBay for "a fraction of that." It's not known how much they wanted for the scaled-down Bor-5 VKK spacecraft, because the reserve price was never reached. Bidding topped out at $25,200, but perhaps it was the $5,000 shipping price that scared off potential buyers.

6. Item #2961640885: Vampire Killing Kit

The stylish vampire hunter would love this late 1800s European "vampire killing kit," which included a crossbow with four silver-tipped arrows, an ebony wood stake, a large bottle of holy water and various surgical instruments, among other things. A solid mahogany wood box kept the items secure until they would be needed. Final bid: $4,550.

5. Item #289158639: Real Shrunken Head

Straight from the Jivaro Indian tribe in the jungles of Ecuador to the world's largest electronic marketplace, a total of 26 shrunken heads were put up for sale. Only 7 people bid on them, with the top bidder paying just under $25. It is assumed that he or she got first choice of the heads, which ranged in color from dark brown to gray.

4. Item #2931457201: Ghost In a Jar

As the story goes, the seller of this item found a rotted wooden box while metal detecting. Inside were two glass jars and a journal. One of the jars was accidentally dropped, causing a black mist of some sort to be released. The other jar and the journal were taken home, and the seller proceeded to be haunted by something he could only describe as "The Black Thing."

Wishing to pass the jar (and the ghost) on to someone else, he put the still unopened jar on eBay, insisting that only serious bidders would be considered. People must have loved the story, because there were well over 60 bids placed.

Unfortunately, not all of them were serious, because the selling price topped $90 million. No word as to who finally wound up with the jar, or if they too had supernatural visitors. Since this auction, there have been many, many more "ghost in a jar" items posted on eBay.

3. Item #150118191: USAF Hughes AIM-4D Falcon Missile

Yes, a real missile was auctioned off; fortunately, it was disarmed prior to the sale. The bidding reached $3,950, but the reserve price was never met.

2. Item #127658711: Serial Killer's Fingernails

In 1979, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris cruised southern California on a killing spree that resulted in at least five victims. And now, the fingernails of Roy Norris have been sold on eBay for only $9.99.

Taped to the back of a Christmas card, they were accompanied by a penned note from Norris himself, signed and topped off with the serial killer's black thumbprint.

1. Item number not known: "Stricken Life" Painting

A rather macabre-looking self-portrait of a man known only as "Harold," this painting is believed to be haunted. The artist was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in early 2001. Knowing that he could no longer care for his Multiple Sclerosis-stricken wife, he put a double-barrel shotgun against her head while she was sleeping and squeezed the trigger.

He then went into the den and put the shotgun in his own mouth. The house where the murder-suicide took place was eventually sold, and the new owners found the painting. Strange things started happening, such as the family dog sitting in front of the painting and howling, so Harold had to go -- on eBay, of course.
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